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A causa di un serio problema hardware (rottura delle unità di storage), è down. Non esiste timeline ufficiale per quando sarà nuovamente in funzione.

P.S. Si cercano sponsor per fornire hardware a openSUSE. Se qualcuno ha informazioni in merito, le invii sulla mailing list o contatti direttamente Peter Poeml.

Segue l'annuncio ufficiale di Peter Poeml:


I'm sorry to say that will be unavailable for some

Its storage array broke down once again, and we have no backup.
(We are in need of hardware since ever; if anyone would be able to
sponsor some, we would be very glad about it.)

This affects as well (same box).

I can't give a timeline yet, but expect it to be offline for one to
several days.



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Re: down

Il problema sembra risolto Big Grin


ap Big Grin

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Re: down

Attualmente non ho nessun problema.

Se sei stanco di virus e schermate blu passa a Linux

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Re: down

Devono aver rediretto verso un qualche mirror...

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Re: down

Il redirector è sostituito temporaneamente, in attesa del nuovo hardware, con funzionalità al 98%.

P.S. Non redirigono verso un singolo mirror. Reindirizzano su base geografica.

Ecco le due comunicazioni ufficiali:

Peter Poeml:

a temporary solution is in place now. It knows all mirrors, does full
geographical redirection and is reachable at as usual.

The broken disk array is being worked on while we speak. A time estimate
is hard to give. We are confident that the replacement will be ready
soon but the amount of time we need to get it finished depends on the
amount of damage on the storage.

Meanwhile, the workaround should be 98% functional -- so you should not
have to worry.


e Joe Brockmeier


We've restored user services to and are working
to restore all services and add redundancy to the system.

The repository inconsistencies last night were caused by a missing
configuration on the system, which caused it to redirect requests on
metadata to mirrors, which are often outdated. That is now fixed.

A few services have not been restored yet. Specifically, Publishing
new Factory snapshots is disabled right now, and build server
publishing is stopped. These services will be restored when the new
system is fully integrated - which we expect to happen by tomorrow. We
are copying content to the new system now, which will take about 12

This will also add mirror stage serving to the services offered by When the restore is complete, we will also add
redundancy, so the problem of having a backup will be solved.

In addition, we're re-examining the infrastructure to
ensure that we reduce the risk of overall and unscheduled downtime.
This will be an ongoing process, and we will notify the community of
progress here.

Thanks for your patience while these issues are taken care of. Thanks
to Peter Poeml, Christian Schneemann, Nat Friedman and his team, and
everyone else who jumped to get this fixed as quickly as possible.




ap Big Grin

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Re: down

Tutti i sistemi sono nuovamente operativi. Ecco l'annuncio ufficiale dell'openSUSE community manager Joe Brockmeier:


Good news, everybody! The and
systems are now fully restored, and all services should now be

DNS has been changed to point to the new system from widehat, which is
standing by in the event that the new system were to go down. We also
have a second system that will be configured to back up and in the near future.

We apologize for any inconvenience. The openSUSE infrastructure is one
of our top priorities. As mentioned previously, we will continue
improving the openSUSE Project infrastructure and working to ensure
that we have as little downtime as possible.

Thanks much to Peter Poeml for his work over the last two days to
resolve this situation, as well as Christian Schneemann, Nat Friedman
and his team, and everyone else who jumped to get this fixed as
quickly as possible.

We appreciate the patience and words of encouragement to the openSUSE
team while this was being fixed.



ap Big Grin