Cessato il supporto per SUSE 8.1

Lun, 10/01/2005 - 19:32

Cessato il supporto per SUSE 8.1

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Riporto quanto scritto nella ML ufficiale di SUSE:


With the release of the SUSE Linux 9.2 FTP edition today, SUSE Security
announces that the SUSE Linux 8.1 version of our home user product will
be discontinued soon. Having provided security-relevant fixes for more
than two years, vulnerabilities found in SUSE Linux 8.1 after January
31st 2005 will not be fixed any more for this product.

As a consequence, the SUSE Linux 8.1 distribution directories on our ftp
server ftp.suse.com has been moved from /pub/suse/i386/8.1/ to the
/pub/suse/discontinued/ directory tree structure to free space on our
mirror sites for the SUSE Linux 9.2 FTP edition; the 8.1 directory in the
update tree /pub/suse/i386/update/8.1 will follow later in February/March
2005, as soon as all updates have been published.

The discontinuation of SUSE Linux 8.1 enables us to focus on the SUSE
LINUX distributions of a newer release date to ensure that our customers
can continuously take advantage of the quality that they are used to with
SUSE LINUX products.

This announcement holds true for SUSE Linux 8.1 only. As usual, SUSE will
continue to provide update packages for the following home users

SUSE Linux 8.2

for a two-year period after the release of the respective distribution.

Please note that the maintenance cycles of SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server
products and products based on the SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server operating
system are not affected by this announcement. To learn more about SUSE
LINUX business products, please visit http://www.novell.com/linux/suse/.

If you have any questions regarding this announcement, please do
not hesitate to contact SUSE security at .

Best regards,
Roman Drahtmüller,
SUSE Security.

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